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We offer a variety of possible fee structures that can be tailored to your needs and the circumstances of your case. Some matters can only be handled, or are best handled, on a traditional hourly fee basis. Other cases may allow for alternative fee structures. We have the flexibility to structure the most appropriate fee for your individual circumstance.

Our basic fee structures include:

Hourly Fee. We bill you in tenths of an hour for the actual time spent on your matter.

Hourly Plus a Success Fee. We bill you hourly for the work we perform and if we are able to achieve or exceed a particular predetermined goal, then we receive a predetermined "success fee."

Contingency Fee. If we recover money for you, whether by settlement or trial, we receive a predetermined percentage of the recovery.

Reverse Contingency Fee. If we prevail in a matter for you, our fee is a percentage of whatever we have saved you.

Reduced Hourly/Reduced Contingency. We bill you on an hourly basis at a reduced hourly rate. If we are successful in recovering funds for you, we receive a predetermined percentage lower than a pure contingency.

Fixed Fee. We agree in advance on a fixed fee (lump sum) for accomplishing a particular assignment or task.

In addition to these basic fee structures, we are prepared to explore other creative alternatives based on your needs.


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